Sun and Sea - gold and lapis lazuli drop earrings

These earrings are inspired by the sun and sea. The perfect everyday accessory to remind us to relax and try to surrender to the ebb and flow of our life story. Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone believed to offer protection.  Handmade in our studio, these earrings transition with you from day to night seamlessly. 

'At the beach, life is different. A day moves not from hour to hour but leaps from mood to moment. We go with the currents, plan around the tides, follow the sun.' - Sandy Gingras 

  • 14K gold filled 3/4 inch (2 cm wide) circles
  • lapis lazuli rectangular drops
  • 14K gold filled ear wires

Note: 14K gold-filled, also known as 'rolled gold', is made by heat and pressure bonding a solid layer of 14K gold to a brass core.We have found that gold-plate can wear off over time whereas gold-filled is very durable.

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