Simple Connection - monogram gold ring

This monogram gold ring is dainty in design and steeped in love. Personalize this 14K gold filled, thin stackable ring with the initials of your love, or your children or create a subtle signet ring for yourself or your daughter. 

The perfect way to wear and hold close the initials of those you love. It is also a thoughtful bridesmaid gift! Simple on its own, this ring also nestles in perfectly with your other stacking rings.

Celebrate your life story and the connections that make your story complete. Create a set of stackable rings that are the perfect everyday ring set and daily reminder of all that you love and that you are loved.


  • made from 12 gauge (2 mm wide) 14K gold filled round wire. a small section of the wire is hand hammered flat for the personalization
  • choice of uppercase or lowercase font. NOTE: THIS FONT IS TINY. letters are 2 mm tall. 
NOTE: 14K gold-filled, also known as 'rolled gold', is made by heat and pressure bonding a solid layer of 14K gold to a brass core. The value of gold-filled is greater than gold-plated because gold-filled has an actual layer of 14 karat gold bonded to the surface, not just the microscopic film of gold-plate which is dipped. We have found that gold-plate can wear off over time whereas gold-filled is very durable.

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