Our Why

                                                                             photo of Stephanie Flynn, the owner and designer of SFDesigns


Our custom personalized jewelry celebrates life connections. Connection to ourselves, to those we love, to our immediate and global community and, for many of us, to a universal energy.  You live your own unique narrative and our designs help you honour, love and tell your story!

Life is a journey and my hope is that my handcrafted jewelry supports you during your adventures. The joyous moments, the significant milestones, the bad and the downright ugly chapters. SFDesigns wants to be a part of it all.

Sentimental jewelry is a meaningful form of self expression that also calms your spirit, reflects your soul and becomes a treasured talisman.

I believe that wearing a necklace inscribed with the name or initials of a loved one makes you feel loved and connected. I believe wearing a memorial keepsake infuses the wearer with the strength of their loved one. I believe that, when life is heavy, wearing a symbol that has deep meaning for you can comfort the soul in some small way. 

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Image courtesy of www.mooreimages.ca