Lasting Impression - children's handwriting or artwork necklace

Capture a moment in time with your kids and forever preserve it in silver! This custom silver necklace can feature your your children's handwriting or fine art doodles. Create a sentimental heirloom keepsake! 

‘Words are the voice of the heart.’ - Confucius

materials & measurement –

  • pendant is made from .999 fine silver 
  • you may specify if you prefer a circle, oval, rectangle or free-form pendant (pictured above) 
  • NOTE: words can be moved around to accommodate your shape preference. Handwriting or artwork may be re-sized to create the ideal design. 
  • size will vary due to the design choice but each pendant uses 10 grams of silver
  • pendant listed above is approx. 1 inch X 1 inch (2 cm X 2 cm)
  • sterling silver rollo chain with lobster clasp closure

  • if you are capturing your children’s artwork or handwriting, ideally, have them draw or write on a white piece of paper in black ink. 
  • lay sample on a flat surface in natural lighting to take the photo
  • with a mobile phone or digital camera, take a few pictures of the artwork or handwriting. Be sure to photograph from directly above the work and not at an angle. If you don’t have a camera or phone, you can scan the image and e-mail it to us at

recycled fine silver

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