Simple Protection - wooden bead necklace with custom silver charm & stone

Our simple protection wooden bead necklace is the perfect everyday good luck charm. Designed by you and handmade by us, this necklace will become a sentimental talisman.

Native Americans speak of trees as the 'Standing People'. With deep roots, wood is strong and resilient. This necklace will root you to the Earth and to the present moment. Choose a tassel color that has meaning for you. Choose a semi-precious stone that calms your spirit. A recycled sterling silver pebble completes the design with a hand stamped symbol to aid in infusing your necklace with your chosen intention. 

'If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
- Mother Teresa

materials & measurement - 
* 42 inches long
* 6 mm brown wooden beads
* approx. 8 mm wide hand-stamped recycled sterling silver (3 grams of sterling silver) 
* 13 mm long semi-precious stone
* tassel made of 100% cotton thread 

* anchor -  a reminder of what grounds you; who you are anchored to in love and spirit
* heart - a reminder to keep your heart open, that you are loved and to spread love
* lotus  - symbolizes strength and resilience
* moon - symbolizes the cycles of life and renewal
* peace sign - a reminder to keep peace in your heart and to spread peace
* star - a reminder of your connection to the stars/universe, a guiding protection symbol
* zodiac - (circle of life/circle of animals) - a reminder of your connection to the universe and to your own spirit

* amazonite - stone of balance and calm, soothing stone also called a hope stone
* moonstone - protection stone
* lapis - stone of universal truth, awareness and strength

* turquoise & navy - connection to water and Earth
* red - in many cultures the colour red is believer to symbolize luck and ward off evil.
* fuchsia pink silk - color of universal love
* lime green - connection to Earth
* purple -  many believe it is the colour with the highest vibration for the human spirit.

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