Always Remember - personalized memorial necklace

Our personalized memorial necklace was created to be worn as a keepsake to honour a miscarriage, the loss of a baby, child, spouse, friend or pet. This angel wing pendant can be personalized with the first initial of your loved on the back...close to your heart. A quiet way to carry a loved one with you. A reminder that you are still connected. A meaningful memorial gift. Choose a semi-precious stone that speaks to what your soul needs.

My first born was stillborn many years ago and I still wear a piece of jewelry with her initial on it each and every day. Her charm now clusters with the initial charms of my living children. That is why I created our 'Always Remember' keepsakes. My wish is that by wearing a piece of jewelry honoring their loved one, close to their heart, the wearer will feel the connection. They will infuse the piece with the love they have for their lost one. The jewelry will become a talisman of hope and a symbol of strength. Each time I create a memorial keepsake, I light a candle in my studio while I work. I quietly honour the child I lost, I acknowledge the sacredness of the design and I desperately hope, in some small way, that aching hearts will be soothed.

  • our personalized 'pebbles' are made by hand by melting down scrap sterling silver pieces from our studio, they are very organic in design so there will be slight variations in size and roundness. Perfectly imperfect!
  • approximately 1 cm wide
  • you can add an amazonite, tourmaline (photo 3), labradorite (photo 1) or moonstone gemstone
  • 16 inch or 18 inch sterling silver chain with spring ring closure 


Amazonite is often called the 'hope stone'. It is a soothing, soft turquoise stone that is believed to bring balance and calm to the person wearing it.

Labradorite is lovely, soothing green stone believed to increase energy and awareness. It is believed wearing it can help reveal new opportunities in life. It protects the wearer from negative energy.

Moonstone is believed to help balance emotions. As the tides rise and fall due to the gravitational pull of the moon, it is believed that moonstone can harmonize our emotions. Ancient civilization actually believed they were seeing the moon with its iridescence in the stone.

Tourmaline is believed to deflect, rather than absorb, negative or unbalancing energy. It creates a safe space around itself.

made from recycled sterling silver

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